Life threw another googly

Hey guys, By now, everyone should know that life isn't hunky-dory. My life is also not exception. It's full of misery, i keep on waiting for that promised happy moments, but they never come. And if they ever do come, they are fleeting. I wish that i had atleast enough happy moments to give me… Continue reading Life threw another googly


I thought a lot about what the title should be for this article, but came up empty. How to choose a title for something which carries various shades and feelings; truths and facts; lies and deceits. So this article is basically about the current reality for a women in India and I am not talking… Continue reading


Dowry Monster rears its ugly head again

So, once again, my plans of marriage have been stalled because of the devil - Dowry System. I guess i should start from the beginning. I met a guy. He was my colleague, working in the same organizations and we were batchmates also. And as the fate would have it, we belonged to the same… Continue reading Dowry Monster rears its ugly head again

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An Open Letter from a Disillusioned Girl

I have read so much about the current situation of Women in India, so many incidents of rapes, molestation, assaults. Everyone just keeps dissecting these incidents. They are trying to put labels on these incidents. Some are saying that these are hate crimes against minorities; some are saying that this is HInduttava agenda. Everyone is… Continue reading An Open Letter from a Disillusioned Girl