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An Open Letter from a Disillusioned Girl

I have read so much about the current situation of Women in India, so many incidents of rapes, molestation, assaults. Everyone just keeps dissecting these incidents. They are trying to put labels on these incidents. Some are saying that these are hate crimes against minorities; some are saying that this is HInduttava agenda. Everyone is… Continue reading An Open Letter from a Disillusioned Girl



I feel like i am hurtling down a very steep hill, speeding towards the cliff end of the hill, i know i am going too fast, i want to stop, i have to stop, but i don't see a way to do so. I am continuously gaining speed, the Cliff end is near, very near.… Continue reading Feelings


Mumbaikars and Their Traffic Sense

Mumbai, The economic capital of India, Hugely populated and provides a lot of people with their livelihood. The thing that i like about Mumbai is, anyone can survive here - a millionaire or a normal daily wager. It's a mix of various different cultures. And the thing that i don't like is people's traffic sense… Continue reading Mumbaikars and Their Traffic Sense